In August of 2020 we started a promotion for the Russian bank “Citibank” on Instagram.
In August of 2020 we started a promotion for the Russian bank “Citibank” on Instagram.
Our goal was to revitalize “Citibank’s” official Instagram page while taking into account all the brand books and guidelines.
We created three Story Highlights sections to structure and to organize the content. Moreover, it allowed us to make the profile header even more informative.
During the feed creation process we focused on several tasks:
A unified visual style of the profile.
Lowering the amount of visual formats.
Live content: posting more emotional photos of people, staying focused on creating laconic but at the same time informative and straightforward texts and captions.
Audience awareness
To raise the audience’s awareness of online banking safety we invited followers to participate in educational Story-Games – an alternative to confusing and dull instructions.
To increase the audience’s engagement rate, we created a bunch of interactive polls on relevant topics for 2020 such as the pandemic and self-isolation.

We managed to enhance the brand’s emotional bond with its audience, while taking into account all of“Citibank’s” identity aspects.
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